2020 Friday Night Lights Scholarship
WINNER - Luke Rekucki

The Vito Trause Memorial Charitable Fund is proud to announce the open submission period - through May 6th - for the inaugural Friday Night Lights Scholarship (details herein). This scholarship embodies the Fund’s core mission. Every year, it will honor the extraordinary life of everyone’s pal, Vito Trause as it celebrates one of his most cherished activities, attending Friday Night Lights at Westwood Regional, which showcases all that is good in our extended Cardinals community.


Friday Night Lights Scholarship
The Friday Night Lights Scholarship, given by The Vito Trause Memorial Charitable Fund, is a $500.00 scholarship award presented to a Westwood Regional High School senior enrolling in a two / four-year college, accredited trade school, or branch of the military.


Candidates for consideration must have a minimum two-year participation commitment in the Friday Night Lights experience at Westwood Regional High School as a member of the Cardinals football team, cheer squad, marching band, color guard, or as a student-athlete that has supported Friday Night Lights with the Crazies. The submission criteria for consideration of this award is a 350-500 word, double spaced, 12pt font essay in response to the following question:
Through knowing Vito Trause personally - or via research - how will his legendary life impact your future?
Biographic information on Vito Trause can be found on this website . Essay submissions should be sent to Mrs. Debrody at Westwood Regional HS no later than May 6th.